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specialist in economic sciences
What I do with passion?

I want to create a reality where great companies and great people come together. To bring together companies looking for investment and investors with the capital, contacts and knowledge to help everyone succeed. I support and am a participant in the Angel Investment Network.

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 What is my passion?

Golf - because it requires focus, and sailing - because it requires perseverance.

Both extremes are united by determination, foresight and a love of discipline - without this you will never even be average. 

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Where and with whom I work?

I'm involved in building socio-commercial projects in the field of sustainable development and Green Deal policy in the Middle and Far East. I participate in Euro-Africa bridging projects. I create incubators, accelerators, which I mentor and I am a shareholder in funds specialised in financing investments ,, pro-eco and green,, I particularly support the development of modern pharma and innovative startups in this sector. I am a chronically ill person, hence I appreciate like no one else the benefit of modern innovative treatment methods. 


I help - as much as I can and on all fronts. My experience: I am Polish, although currently working in Spain, Italy and the UAE, and involved in the development of a Technology Hub in Israel. I am mainly involved in corporate financial management, I am a member of management and supervisory boards of companies in the CFO function. I

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My approach to business is marked by a combination of strategic thinking and a profound understanding of market trends. As an investor in mid cap companies and a business angel, I have successfully supported numerous ventures, focusing on fostering growth and innovation.


My connection with various Israeli startup ecosystems demonstrates my commitment to new ideas and modern entrepreneurial spirit. Leveraging my extensive experience in corporate management and finance, I contributes not only financially but also imparts valuable insights and mentorship to growing businesses.

Business Ventures
I'm open for collaboration

If you are an innovator seeking investment, a startup looking for strategic guidance, or a business aiming for growth, my experience and expertise could be the catalyst you need.


Explore opportunities to collaborate and take your venture to new heights with my unique perspective and robust support network.

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