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I'm a graduate economist specializing in corporate management, including finance, is a seasoned professional in the world of business and investment. My expertise lies in the strategic management of investment projects, making my a sought-after authority in my field.


With years of international market experience, my role as a manager has been marked by innovation and strategic acumen. I'm also a specialist in the area of auxiliary funds and European Union grants, providing insightful solutions to complex challenges.


Outside the boardroom, I'm an avid golf enthusiast and a passionate motorboat racing fan. For years, she has been a longtime supporter and sponsor of motonautica italiana racing competitions, reflecting my love for both water sports and competitive racing.



Personal Interests ?

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Business Ventures 

An investor in mid cap companies and a business angel, I have a keen eye for promising ventures. My affiliation with various Israeli startup ecosystems reflects my commitment to innovation and growth in the business world.

Community Involvement

Being a proud alumnus and member of several business organizations connected with Israeli startup ecosystems, I values collaboration and community. I actively participates in initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and promote business development.

Investment in Deep Tech
and Innovative Startups

My approach to business is marked by a combination of strategic thinking and a profound understanding of market trends. As an investor in mid cap companies and a business angel, I have successfully supported numerous ventures, focusing on fostering growth and innovation.


My connection with various Israeli startup ecosystems demonstrates her commitment to new ideas and modern entrepreneurial spirit. Leveraging my extensive experience in corporate management and finance, I contributes not only financially but also imparts valuable insights and mentorship to growing businesses.

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